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We are a Family owned and operated Mineral Makeup Company located in the gorgeous foothills of North Carolina. We are proud that we are now here serving each of you online and giving you a chance to bring out your natural bare skin beauty without the high price tag of the national brands and fancy boutique labels!
***Please Note: WE ARE IN NO WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM AFFILIATED WITH I.d. BareMinerals, Bare Escentuals, Sheer Cover, Jane Iredale, OR any other brands seen on TV.***

Our recipe for success at Southern Magnolia Minerals is honesty, fast service, affordable prices & the best quality products available. We strive to help everyone to...

Live, Laugh, & Love Naturally!

We offer a unique, affordable & luxurious cosmetic alternative to the national brands and infomercials. Our mineral makeup is 100% pure bare all-natural minerals designed to enhance your natural beauty. Free of preservatives, chemicals, dyes, oils, perfumes & bismuth, our shine-free long-lasting formula provides sheer flawless coverage for every skin type and skin tone.

Use of Southern Magnolia Minerals will cover all kinds of imperfections and flaws such as dark circles, freckles, age spots, scars, acne, redness from rosacea without looking like you have a mask on! Our line includes Foundation, Eye Shadow, Blush, Bronzer, Finishing Veil, Rice Powder, Starter & Full Size Kits, Radiance, All-natural Skincare, and more.

If you have never tried mineral makeup, we invite you to experience the secret of southern beauty! We believe you will be transformed by the results after just one use!


Minerals are perfect for all skin types and tones. They are ideal for those suffering with acne, rosacea, scarring & other skin conditions. With natural sunscreen & anti-inflammatory properties, it provides complete coverage while helping heal & soothe. It's actually good for your skin! The Cosmetic Companies also call it "Skin Care Makeup"!


Our business started in 2001, but was a dream of mine since I was a teen growing up Kentucky.  I was not allowed to wear makeup and I always felt like I was an ugly duckling in school.  I was athletic and played sports, but deep down I just wanted to be pretty.  I went shopping with my mother one time, I sneaked and bought a makeup kit in which she and my father found. My punishment, I could not play in our next basketball game. My father told the coach what happened! And after that, my coach started calling me “Cover Girl”.

Off to college I went! I would stop at a friend’s house on the weekends before coming home to take my makeup off because I knew my parents would be angry.  But during the week, I wore makeup and LOVED it.  I experimented with colors, I would put it on, and then make my friends sit down and I would put it on them!  Every dime I earned in college was spent on every makeup brand I knew! Makeup was fun and beautiful.

Then came the breakouts.  I knew it had to be the makeup as I was lucky enough to not have breakouts in high school.  So I started doing research about how to clear up acne and stumbled across some information about making your own makeup and skincare.  And that is basically how it started for me.  I kept it too myself until I met my husband.  When I met him in 1999, he was selling antiques on eBay. He grew up working in his father’s pawn shop, and an antique shop. So he naturally had a knack for business.  We put our heads together and my makeup business was born!

Many people have asked how we got our name Southern Magnolia Minerals.  First of all, being from the South was a start!  I love everything about the South.  When I was growing up, I remember seeing this huge tree with deep green leaves and these huge creamy white flowers on them and thought to myself, God, that is beautiful.  I never told anyone how beautiful it was, it was just one of those moments you keep to yourself.  I blinked my eyes as if to take a picture to remember it forever. Then my Mother surprised my brother and I one night and took us to a fair, I was sooo excited!  It was called the Magnolia Fair.  That is when I learned what the name of that beautiful tree was called!  And that is how my makeup came to be called Southern Magnolia Minerals!

I love what I do and what my business represents to me.  It is personal, a testimony that you can do what you set your heart and mind to do.  My business is successful because I truly enjoy how it makes me feel, yes, I’m selfish in that way! But I can share my love for natural beauty with people from all over the world!  My husband and I have a mantra that we say daily, and I even have it written on my desk so I can look at it too….

I believe in God, I believe in myself, I believe in the future!

This is why our makeup is phenomenal, this is why our commitment to our customers is #1, and this is why we are Southern Magnolia Minerals.


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