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Hey everybody!

My business started in 2004, but was a dream of mine since I was a teenager growing up in Kentucky.  I was not allowed to wear makeup and always felt like I was an ugly duckling in school.  I was athletic and played sports, but deep down, heck I just wanted to be pretty!  I remember shopping with my mother one time, and I bought a makeup kit without her knowledge.  My parents found it.... the punishment, I could not play in our next basketball game. My father told the coach what happened! And after that, my coach started calling me “Cover Girl”, haha!

Off to college I went! I would stop at a friend’s house on the weekends before coming home to take my makeup off because I knew my parents would be angry.  But during the week, I wore makeup and LOVED it.  I experimented with colors, I would put it on, and then make my friends sit down and I would put it on them!  Every dime I earned in college was spent on makeup and a little Boone's Farm wine, lololol! Makeup was fun and I felt like I fit in for the first time in my life.

Then came the breakouts.  I knew it had to be the makeup as I was lucky enough to not have breakouts in high school.  While doing research about how to clear up acne, stumbled across some information about making your own makeup and skincare.  And that is basically how it started for me.  But I was young and didn't pursue it any further.  I discovered eBay back in 1999 while selling shoes and thought I would give it my makeup a whirl and put some colors I had formulated on there to sell after I built a customer base with my shoes (lol) and before you know it my makeup business was born!

I love what I do and what my business represents to me.  It is personal, a testimony that you can do what you set your heart and mind to do. I want to inspire every woman to embrace their imperfections and be comfortable in their own real beauty. And a little love and laughter goes a long way too! My business is successful because I get so much joy in my heart from a smile, it's an instant mood booster for me and the person looking in the mirror! I don't do this for money, I do it because it is my passion.  I remember where I came from, and that keeps me grounded, it keeps me real.  Makeup is simply a tool I can use to help others feel good about themselves...no one should ever feel like an ugly duckling!

I have a mantra that I say daily...I believe in God, I believe in myself, I believe in the future!

This is why my makeup is phenomenal, this is why my commitment to my customers is #1, and this is why I am Southern Magnolia Minerals.

Live, Laugh, & Love Naturally!


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