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Wholesale Liquid & Mineral Powder Foundation
Available in prefilled jars and bulk with a variety of labeling options

If you are not sure what colors to start out with, Southern Magnolia offers samples and full size tester packs in all formulas to test on your clientale.  In the Full Coverage with a matte finish foundation, we recommend the basics of Light, Medium, Tan, and Dark.  All are neutral colors with Medium being the most popular shade.  80% of our customers wear this shade.

Everybody under the sun LOVES our liquid foundation.  We can't brag enough about the quality and the goodness that goes into making it.  It is light as a feather, allows your skin to breathe, without clogging pores.  And it is fantastic for men too.  Favorites are Nude Beige, Moonkiss, and Sunkissed. 

Our customers love our foundation with a sheer coverage and luminous finish.  We recommend Wheat, Linen, or Moonkiss, to start out with if you are unsure.  These are our most popular shades and you can always expand once you build your customer base.  Barb always says..."it is better to start small...and if you build it sturdy and purdy, they will come! haha

And we are introducing the newest line of foundation!  Our Soft Focus foundation with medium coverage and satin finish.  Customers love it.  We recommend the favorites in Yellow Opal, Beige Buff, and Cappuccino to start out if you are unsure.


A LITTLE FYI: Profit Potential The most economical method is to purchase powders by the pound. As an example, a pound (448 grams) of our full coverage foundation is $108. This gives you approximately 50 jars of foundation. You will have approximately $2.16 in a full size jar of foundation (30g jar, which only holds 8g powder by weight). You will have around $1.75 in the jar, plus labels & shrink wraps which will cost at most .25c in total if you are printing your own labels.

So you will have $4.16 in your jar of foundation and can retail it for anywhere from $15 up to $25 or more. After selling only a few jars you will have made back the $108 you spent on the pound of foundation and will still have most of it left.

  • Suggested Retail for Sheer Coverage Foundation is $16.99 to 24.99
  • Suggested Retail for the Full Coverage is $14.99 to 21.99
  • Suggested Retail for Liquid Foundation is 19.99 to 29.99
  • Suggested Retail for Soft Focus Foundation is 19.99 to 29.99
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